The World’s first widescreen double hydraulic LED truck

Taking it to the street

Established for over fifteen years, Street Tribes has worked with small owner-run businesses on one-off experiential events through to multinational brands, such as IKEA, on international campaigns, taking their stories to the street.

Benefits to working with us

CAMPAIGNS TO SUIT your company, brand, event. We work with you to design campaigns to meet your needs from original artwork, routes and up to date daily reporting to monitor the success of your campaign.


BE SEEN, BE READ, BE HEARD with bright, eye-catching colours and tailored designs to command attention wherever the truck is driven.  Whether you need video projection, rolling billboards, live music or Bluetooth static product displays, this vehicle cannot fail to impress.


GENERATE CURIOSITY and awareness of your brand by taking your brand direct to the customer. Make an impact with stunning picture quality.


CUSTOMISED CAMPAIGNS to suit you, your brand, time of day, night, month or year. We can run a campaign for as little as 1 day to 1 year and beyond.

VALUE FOR MONEY Our rates are competitive; and our campaigns are designed to work for you and your budget.


SPECIAL RATES ARE AVAILABLE to those who run an extended campaign of a month or more.


NATIONAL REACH – we can offer single vehicle for one region or several for national campaigns.


REAL LIVE STATISTICS using our sophisticated GPS tracking system we can provide daily updates on start time, route position, number of Bluetooth messages accepted etc… all downloaded through our website.

Facts & Figures

Mobile Billboards are twice as effective as stationary billboards, with results reflecting increased sales of 107% on average versus a 54% increase for static billboards.


Messages on Outdoor Mobile Billboards have a 97% recall rate.


96% of respondents said Mobile Advertising is more effective than traditional advertisements.

In a recent study, the Outdoor Advertising Magazine reported that 91% of respondents noticed text and graphics on moving billboards.


Approximately 30% of Mobile Billboard “viewers” surveyed said they would buy a product they saw on moving Billboards.


Mobile billboards boost name recognition 15x greater than any other form of advertising.

Conclusions and recommendations found
in recent ‘Arbitron’ Outdoor Study:

People are spending less time reading newspapers and watching television because they are spending more time in their cars. The average round trip for today’s commuter is 54 minutes every day and on average travels 302 miles per week.

27% of heaviest commuters do not read newspapers.

Outdoor Media Advertising should be considered to complement and supplement newspaper and local TV news delivery. Throughout this study, we found that Outdoor Media reaches those not exposed to newspaper and local television.

Take your advertising directly to the customers on the street.


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