The World’s first widescreen double hydraulic LED truck

View traffic jams in a new light

Road congestion is your new best friend when you’re promoting your brand on one of our trucks. Our scrolling-billboard technology provides innovative outdoor advertising whether you’re stuck in traffic or on the move, helping you break through today’s media clutter.


Street Tribes’ high-impact and geographically targeted media has been designed to create thousands of memorable impressions every day, whether you’re launching a new product, giving out samples, hosting a grand opening or undertaking guerrilla marketing.

In the spotlight

During the hours of darkness, Street Tribes’ media trucks use a specialized LED lighting system to illuminate the billboards for increased visibility.


“Billboard displays using motion have been determined to be the most effective advertising in both product sales and consumer awareness.”  The Point of Purchase Institute, Washington, D.C.

Media truck features

  • Bluetooth Adverts – send any content including ringtones, movie trailers, animations, music, discount vouchers and discount barcodes within a 10-100m radius.


  • Satellite Tracking – our vans are equipped with GPS tracking, so you can log onto the server at any time and monitor the success of your campaign in any given location.


  • Real-time Reporting – revise campaigns on the go thanks to daily reports.


  • Video Screens –Street Tribes vehicles can provide full colour video images in stereo sound, broadcasting any media content from TV to film trailers or by linking to our external cameras to display real-time footage of the environment around the vehicle.


  • Wall Projections – for larger than life brand images outside of your vehicle and straight into the line-of-sight of busy commuters onto buildings, walls and exposed bridges.


  • Vehicle Wraps – maximize your visual impact with a fully branded truck wrap. Installed in a day and completely weather resistant.


  • Sound System – each vehicle boasts an external 8 speaker, 1600-watt sound system. Play CDs, DVDs and air-projected television commercials and video games. The vehicle’s sound system can become an essential component in drawing attention to your on-site activities.
  • Onboard Cameras – inside and outside the vehicles. The camera on the inside works in two ways – safety for the drivers and to see what’s happening in the back of the box regarding scrolling adverts. If the truck is being used as a showroom then footage can be recorded for the client, allowing you to review how many customers came into the truck, or to monitor how hard your promotional staff are working. The three outside cameras record what’s happening outside of the truck. They will also capture customers looking at the adverts and their reaction to each one. The cameras record up to seven days at a time and footage can be downloaded from our website or supplied on a CD. The cameras also act as a security feature if a truck should be left alone for any period of time.


  • Live Streaming – this allows marketeers to see their advert’s surroundings when the van is touring, giving them a unique opportunity to interact with their consumers.


  • Free Wi-Fi Access is provided for anyone in the vicinity of a Street Tribes van, enabling full interaction with consumers.


  • Bluetooth Technology – transmit messages to every mobile device (that is Bluetooth enabled) in the vicinity, up to an optimal range of 100m. The customer is prompted to receive a message automatically – if the customer chooses yes then the message is automatically broadcast and displayed. The Bluetooth message can consist of a mix of graphics, animation, audio and video and easily be put together by any graphic designer or we can design it for you ourselves.

Advert Dimensions / Printing Specifications

Exact printed measurements

Side of Van : 306.5cm wide x 167.5cm high

Back of Van : 159.5cm wide x 167.5cm high

Front of Van : 155cm wide x 56cm high


Viewable Graphic Measurements

Side of Van : 294.5cm wide x 157.5cm high

Back of Van : 146cm wide x 153cm high

Front of Van: 145cm wide x 46cm high



Inside the yellow box indicates the viewable graphic area. Outside the Yellow box you will NOT see anything. You have to continue the graphic outside of the yellow box for bleed purposes and so that you don’t see any white lines.


Take your advertising directly to the customers on the street.


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